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Just recently, the Illinois Division of Public Health reported the first human situation of rabies triggered by a bat in Illinois since 1954. The case proved deadly, partly since the guy in his 80s decreased post-exposure rabies treatment.

The case, although unusual, punctuates the requirement for Kane Region citizens to check for bats around their residences. Autumn is a time when bats are much more widespread in the area.

In Illinois, rabies is located in bats more than any kind of various other wild animals varieties. Normally, less than 5% of bats checked for rabies are discovered to be crazed. Wild animals professionals state that if you find a bat in your house, it ought to not be touched, as well as ideally, it ought to be restricted in one space.

Kane County Pet Control works with IDPH for testing of rabies in bats. KCAC will certainly get rid of a bat from a resident’s house that meets the demands stated by the state of Illinois: if a bat is found near anybody sleeping, intoxicated, an infant, a pet or otherwise immobilized individual in the room where the bat was located. There is no direct exposure unless one is bitten by the bat or assumed exposure if you awaken to discover the bat in a bedroom.

Checking of the animal will certainly identify if therapy is required. Direct exposure to rabies needs a collection of inoculations versus rabies that can be costly.

KCAC will NOT pick up, examination or eliminate:

  • A bat that has actually not revealed an individual or owned pet.
  • A bat found outside the home, in an attic room or unused basement.

Rabies affects the mind and also will trigger abnormal habits in creatures. Children especially should be reminded to prevent contact with wild pets that are acting uncommon, such as a bat that is outside in the day time or one that can not fly.

According to the IDPH, exclusion stays the very best way to prevent as well as control bats in a structure.

Some bats, particularly those in northern Illinois, leave their roosting places in September and early October to move southern where they will certainly overwinter in caverns, rocky ledges as well as cliffs, as well as occasionally easily accessible wall surfaces and also attics, where others hibernate throughout the winter in Illinois.

Possible entrance factors in structures are best secured throughout the months of September through April. Bats are shielded under the Illinois Wild Animals Code. Homes conquered by bats should call a hassle trapper to have them eliminated.

A list of wildlife control experts, that may be familiar with bat exemption procedures, can be gotten from the KCAC website at

It is essential to keep all pet dogs– dogs, cats, ferrets– current with their rabies vaccinations. Not just does the injection shield the pet dog, it also functions as barrier of security for people. Also indoor pet dogs should be immunized, as highlighted by the fact that some of the bat situations are located inside your home.

KCAC will organize its final Rabies and also Integrated circuit Animal Center of the year from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 2, at Kane Area Pet Control, 4060 Keslinger Roadway in Geneva.

To learn more concerning rabies, see the KCAC web site at Rabies.aspx.

SOURCE: Kane County Wellness Department press release

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